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Everything about my new subscription and the pulses
Everything about my new subscription and the pulses

Your Gymlib subscription changes!

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Thanks to your company, you can use a Gymlib subscription that gives access to up to +300 sports and wellness activities online, in halls and in more than 4000 infrastructures throughout France and Belgium.

Your Gymlib subscription changes!

Your subscription is valid from the date decided by Gymlib and your company. To use Gymlib, log in via the application and choose your new monthly subscription, this is completely non-binding.

Choose from 5 formulas that you can use right away on your Gymlib app: Easy, Liberty, Energy, Crazy and Rocky. Depending on the chosen formula, you will see a virtual balance with the number of credits, also called pulses. As before, your subscription will automatically renew every month.

Each session with one of our partners costs a certain number of pulses.

Example: you choose the Energy formula and have 80 pulses per month. You decide to do 1 fitness session at Keep Cool in Paris. For this you use 11 pulses out of 80. When you generate your access, the number of pulses is immediately deducted from your balance: 80 - 11 = so you have 69 pulses remaining.

Do you have any pulses left at the end of the month? Your pulses can be carried over from one month to another, within the limit of the number of pulses your formula offers you. And if you have too many or too few pulses, simply change the formula!

How do you choose the formula that suits you? It's easy! Go to this page and discover the number of pulses for 1 session with our best partners!

What are the advantages of this new model? Many 😉

How can I continue to use Gymlib?

From the date communicated to you by Gymlib and your company:

  • Go to your app and log in to your account;

  • Click on “Accept the terms and conditions” (you can read these by clicking on “Read the new terms and conditions”);

  • Click on "Choose a formula" and select your new formula;

  • Confirm by clicking on "Subscribe to this formula";

  • Enjoy your new formula on the renewal date of your subscription. In the meantime, keep enjoying your old formula!

Please note!

If you decline the new general terms and conditions of sale, you will be automatically unsubscribed on the end date of your current month. If you have referred other users, they will also be unsubscribed.

If you do not take any action (change of formula or refusal of the new conditions), it will remain active without you being able to use it and the amount will be debited from your account because no technical action is taken into account.

Is your subscription paused?

In order to continue using Gymlib, you must choose a new subscription. Follow the procedure above. If you want to pause your subscription, click on "Pause my account for 3 months" when confirming your new subscription. Your subscription pause will be active for 3 months* from the renewal date and you will not be charged. You can use the new formula on the date of resumption of your subscription (after 3 months later).

Don't have a subscription (yet)?

From the date communicated to you by Gymlib and your company, go to your application to discover this "new" Gymlib and sign up for a formula!

Do you have a Gymlib Lite subscription?

This year your Gymlib Lite subscription makes way for a new non-binding offer. From the date communicated to you by Gymlib, to use Gymlib, log in through the application and choose your new formula and pulses.

We wish you great sessions with the new pulses.

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