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I sponsor my colleagues
I sponsor my colleagues

How do I sponsor my colleagues?

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How do I sponsor my colleagues?

Motivate all of you together! You can sponsor as many colleagues as you want.

How do I sponsor my colleagues?

  • Go to your personal space via the Gymlib mobile app (top right)

  • Click on "Sponsorship" and then on "Sponsor colleagues"

  • State the required information: name, first name and email address*

  • Confirm the request. An invitation will be sent to your colleague by email.

*mention the professional email, it must be completed in all lowercase letters.

The colleague must:

  • Download the Gymlib mobile application;

  • Choose the desired formula and pay for it.

Required conditions for your colleague to benefit from Gymlib:

  • Still be an employee of the company through which you benefit from Gymlib.

  • Be a Gymlib member yourself.

Frequently asked questions

1 - My colleague does not receive the email invitation

Please allow a few minutes between submitting the request and receiving the email. Some mailboxes take longer than others: sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours #patience! In the meantime, you can check the following:

  • Did you entered a correct email address? Did you used the lowercase?

  • Has your colleague checked his spam box?

  • Have you entered all the necessary information?

If your colleague does not receive the email, this is not essential for creating the account, but only for information. Your colleague can still download the Gymlib mobile application and create his account, because sponsorship has in any case been taken into account.

2 - My colleague cannot register with my invitation

It is possible that your colleague receives one of 2 possible error messages:

  • “Unknown email address”: your sponsorship has not been taken into account. Either you have not filled in all the required information, or the email address communicated is not the email address the sponsored person provided when registering. Make sure your colleague has given you the correct email.

  • “An account with this address already exists”: your colleague is already registered or subscribed to Gymlib as a family member or employee of another company. A re-initialization of this existing account is required so that your colleague can re-register for a new Gymlib account. In this case, we invite you to contact our customer service.

3 - I want to delete a sponsorship

You cannot delete a sponsorship. Once your colleague has signed up for Gymlib, the promotion is not irreversible.

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