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My payment method and my invoices
My payment method and my invoices

Which payment methods can I use? Where can I find my invoices?

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The Gymlib subscription is monthly and non-binding. The debit takes place monthly on the renewal date of your current subscription and by tacit agreement.

Example: if you registered on September 21 your next collection will take place on October 21 as long as you are a subscriber. You cannot pay for several months at the same time.

Which payment methods can I use?

When taking out a subscription, you determine your payment method yourself.

  • If you are an employee of a customer company in France, you can pay your subscription by SEPA direct debit, bank card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • If you are an employee of a customer company in Belgium, you can pay for your subscription via SEPA direct debit, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bancontact direct debit.

These are the only accepted payment methods. We do not accept upgradeable cryptogram cards, sports coupons or gift cards.

The SEPA direct debit is a monthly direct debit, just like the bank card.

However, if you opt for SEPA direct debit, say goodbye to unintended subscription discounts! In the event of loss of your bank card and/or overdraft, your payment will still be made and your subscription will not be terminated. So you will not lose your sessions and the subscriptions of your sponsored colleagues or family members will not be stopped.

How do I change my payment method?

  • Go to the Gymlib mobile app and log in to your account;

  • Go to your personal space (top left);

  • Click on "Payment method" and then on "Change my payment method".

  • Select your payment method by clicking on "SEPA direct debit" or "Bank card" (or "Bancontact direct debit" in Belgium);

  • Enter your details and confirm the change.

Where can I find the renewal date of my subscription?

Go to your Gymlib mobile application, in your personal space (top left).

Where can I find my invoices?

Go to your Gymlib mobile application, in your personal space (top left) and then click on "My receipts".

Good to know:

There is no refund of the subscription for the current month, even if the subscription has not been used in that month, except on presentation of proof in case of health problem.

Whichever paymet method you choose, your subscription is not binding and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Frequently asked questions

1 - Why is updating my bank card not working?

Your credit card may not have been activated yet. Withdraw cash from an ATM or make a pre-purchase. If the payment is still unsuccessful, please contact your bank.

2 - Why did I receive an email inviting me to update my credit card information?

Your bank card is no longer valid (expiry date, opposition, etc.). So your subscription will be "frozen" as long as the payment method is not valid. You then have 4 days before the subscription itself expires. If you are unsubscribed, you can resume a subscription.

3 - Why was the update not taken into account?

You have entered your new credit card details, but you are still unable to use your subscription and the application allows you to choose the formula of your choice? Don't panic! Our system must be given time to register your new bank details. In this case, we thank you for waiting about 24 hours, without choosing a formula. If you have opted for direct debit, the duration can be longer than 24 hours, depending on your bank.

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