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I find a session

How do I find a session?

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How do I find a session?

It's D-day. You are all set: you have your a Gymlib subscription and you have put on your best outfit for a sports or wellness session. What now?

  • Go to the Gymlib app and log in to your account;

  • Click on the magnifying glass (bottom center) and start your search by infrastructure, activity and/or location. You can refine your search with the filters: objectives (letting off steam, relaxing, etc.), services offered (showers, parking, sauna, etc.);

  • Select the infrastructure of your choice. You can come across 2 types of infrastructure: free access infrastructure (you do not need to book before your arrival) and infrastructure with reservation (all information is listed on the relevant infrastructure sheets);

  • Find your session in the "My Sessions" section of your application (bottom right) and by email.

This process is valid for all sessions (in our partner facilities, for private coaching, [ONLINE] lessons and [OUTDOOR] lessons), with the exception of 100% digital offer.

Please note!

  • You must confirm your attendance at each session. Please refer to the FAQ article for more information. In case of forgetting, a penalty of €5 will be applied to your account.

  • You can cancel a session with reservation within the required time frame specific to each facility. If you cancel after the required time, you will not be able to reclaim your pulses associated with the session.

  • If you do not go to a reserved session, and without informing the infrastructure, you will not be able to get your pulses associated with the session back and you will be fined 5. Please refer to the FAQ article for more information.

If you're experiencing an infrastructure access issue, thank you for waiting for feedback from our customer service team before running your session. If you decide to pay for a session before receiving a return, there will be no refunds.

Good to know:

  • One generated access = one session.

  • A session is valid for 1 month. Your session will expire after 1 month.

  • Do multiple sessions on the same day and make an appointment as often as you want within the same infrastructure, within the limit of your pulses.

  • With a session, you benefit from all the services listed on the infrastructure sheet.

  • A session is valid for 1 month from the moment you subscribe and cannot be extended. Example: A session generated on September 21st at 8 am is valid until October 21st at 8 am.

  • All you need to use your subscription is your app. You do not need to submit a medical certificate or other personal document. However, we recommend that you see your doctor for a check-up before resuming any physical or sporting activity.

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