How do I cancel my session with reservation?

A last minute impediment or a peak of demotivation does not allow you to assist your session? Cancel your reservation within a specific period for any of our partner facilities! To do this, go to the relevant session in the "My Sessions" section (bottom right corner).

  • If you cancel your reserved session after the time required by the infrastructure, your pulses will not be refunded to your account.

  • If you don't show up for the reserved session without notifying the partner infrastructure, your pulses will not be refunded to your account and you will be immediately fined €5.

The uncredited pulses allow us to reimburse the partner infrastructure involved for the place retained and the 5 to prevent misuse.

Retaining our partners is essential to provide you with the best possible network in the long term. That's why we decided to implement this rule that is valid for all our users. Indeed, it is difficult for our partners to turn down customers and end up not being full during the course.

Have you been fined and do you think it is a mistake? You can dispute a fine by contacting our dedicated team.

What should I do if a partner cancels my session?

If a partner cancels your session and the time it takes to manually cancel your session from your application has expired, please contact our customer service directly to get back the pulses associated with the session.

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