I request a new infrastructure

How to request a new infrastructure?

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Our infrastructure network does not satisfy you 100%? Willing to discover new horizons? Help us enrich it!

To do this, go to this page, click "Login" at the top right and then "register" to create your account with your email address linked to your Gymlib account. You will receive an email from gymlib@upvoty.com with the temporary password that you can change later.

You can browse the table or perform a search in the field provided.

If the desired infrastructure is already in the pending requests:

  • Click on the request and then the "Like" button (thumbs up).

  • Our team will keep you informed of the progress of the negotiations with the relevant infrastructure. You will receive an e-mail with good news or a follow-up e-mail.

If the desired infrastructure is not the subject of a request:

  • Fill in the "Submit an application" space on the right: full name of the infrastructure, your full address and the name of your company;

  • Confirm by clicking "Send".

You will receive a confirmation email or an error message if your request cannot be processed for one of the following reasons:

  • The requested infrastructure is already part of our network of partners.

  • The infrastructure is already the subject of an ongoing application.

  • The information requested does not match or is incomplete.

Negotiations can sometimes take a long time and some do not come about the first time or not at all. However, our team makes every effort to meet your needs!

Following your request or your vote and while you wait for our team to get back to you, you will find your happiness among our +4000 current partner infrastructures.

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