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Covid-19 in Belgium: all the information to know

Following the measures announced by the government of Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders to fight against the spread of Covid-19, our partner sport facilities located all over the country have closed their doors until 19/11/2020 inclusive.

Your health is our priority 

We are convinced that regular sports activity is essential to strengthen your immune system. So to continue to stay active safely, several alternatives are available to you directly from your application!

Take care of yourself at home with Gymlib Home :

  • live classes in French and English (yoga, bootcamp, abs/buttocks...) ;
  • premium applications (FizzUp: online sports coaching, Mind: guided meditation, Foodvisor: nutrition coaching);
  • thematic workshops in French, English and Dutch (nutrition, yoga philosophy, ergonomics...).

Continue to take advantage of our partner infrastructures : 

Continue the training of our French and Belgian partners, even when closed, we give you access to their online courses. You will benefit from the online courses of the following infrastructures:

- [ONLINE] OLY Be Online & Live

- [ONLINE] Episod Live

- [ONLINE] Xo Urban Yoga

- [ONLINE] Babayoga Club

- [ONLINE] YAY yoga

- [ONLINE] Kind Yoga

- [ONLINE] Ma parenthese Paris

- [ONLINE] The Space

- [ONLINE] Le 31 Sports

- [ONLINE] Le Tigre

- [ONLINE] Centre Qee


- [ONLINE] Yazen

- [ONLINE] Smiling Yoga

- [ONLINE] The Apartment Training


Attention: a distinction must be made between the live Gymlib Home courses and the online courses of our closed partner facilities.

  • Gymlib Home live classes are unlimited access and do not count towards your daily limitations. You do not have to validate your presence. They are accessible from the "Home" tab of your application when you click on "My Gymlib Home offer".
  • Online classes in our closed partner facilities are limited to 10 per month. The booking process is the same as usual: you must generate a pass and follow the instructions on each form. You must validate your presence from your application.
  • The access cards for online courses are not the same as the access cards for the usual facilities. Just type [ONLINE] in your search bar to consult the list of available online courses.
  • Online courses are temporary and available for all types of offer (standard, advanced or premium);

Pause your subscription

However, if you do not wish to keep your Gymlib membership during this period, you have the possibility to pause it. Your withdrawal will then be frozen and you will be reimbursed in proportion to the number of days of membership missing when your membership is reactivated.

By pausing your subscription, you can continue to enjoy Gymlib Home free of charge.

You can resume your membership at any time. Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically reactivated when our partner infrastructures reopen. You will be notified 1 week before this automatic reactivation as well as the day of the reactivation.


We will keep you informed by e-mail, SMS and on our social networks about the evolution of the situation.