I associate my Gymlib account with my phone

To take full advantage of your subscription, you must use the Gymlib mobile app.

For security reasons, your Gymlib account is associated with a single mobile phone. Concretely, it means your account will be technically linked to your phone. 

Consequently, you will only be able to use this phone to manage your subscription, for example to generate and validate your passes.

In addition, we would like to remind you that your Gymlib account is personal and cannot be shared.

How do you link your account ?

As soon as you validate the payment for your subscription, we will ask you to link your new Gymlib account to the phone you are currently using.

I change my phone

Of course, you can change your phone! We understand if you always choose for the new Iphone, Samsung, Huawei,... :)

For that : 

  • download the app on your new phone
  • log in with your credentials
  • validate the new association of your Gymlib account to your new phone

Warning : The action is irreversible, you will never be able to use your old phone again. 

If you try to pair your old phone again, a message will appear to warn you that this action is impossible.