I want to cancel a session. What’s the cancellation fee?

If you're unable to attend your session because you're feeling wiped out or something else has come up, please cancel your reservation within the time limit stipulated.

If you don't attend the session you've reserved or you cancel after the deadline, a penalty charge of €15 will be due immediately. This amount will be paid to our partner as compensation. 

It’s very important to us to maintain good relationships with our partners so that we can offer you the best possible network of venues over the long term. That’s why we’ve decided to apply this rule to all our users. It’s not ideal for our partners to turn away other customers only to find that their class isn’t full after all.

Not sure how to cancel ? 

You can cancel your reservation within the deadline stipulated by each partner (see their website). All you need to do is contact them via the same channel you used to reserve: by telephone, email or via their website.

Want to appeal your €15 charge?

Please contact us using this appeal form only. Our dedicated team will get back to you within 48 hours.