I want to find out more about my monthly payments

The Gymlib Pro subscription is a commitment-free monthly subscription.

Each month, payment will be taken on the subscription due date by tacit agreement. Payment will only be accepted by bank card.*

For example, if you signed up on 21st September, payment will be taken on the 21st of each month for as long as you remain a subscriber.

* Payment is taken on a monthly basis. It is not possible to pay for several months at once. We do not accept dynamic cryptogram cards, sports coupons or gift vouchers.

Where can I find my renewal date?

You can find your renewal date in your personal area on the app.

Where can I find my bills?

You can find your bills in your personal area on the app, under the ‘Bills’ tab.

How can I update my bank details? 

You can update your bank details directly via your personal area on the app: 

  • Click on ‘Payment method’;
  • Click on ‘Modify’;
  • Enter your new card details.


Frequently asked questions:

1- Why isn’t my updated bank card working? 

Your bank card probably hasn’t been activated. To resolve this, withdraw money from a cashpoint or make a purchase before using the app. If you are still unable to pay, please contact your bank.

2- Why have I received an email asking me to update my bank details?

Your bank card is no longer valid (it may have expired or been cancelled, etc.). As a result, your subscription has been frozen until a valid payment method is provided. You have 4 days to do this before the subscription is automatically cancelled. If the subscription is cancelled, just resume it. To find out more, please read our article: I want to resume my subscription.

Please note: 

No refund of the subscription fee for the current month will be possible, even if the subscription has not been used, unless proof of a health problem is provided.