I want to find out the quotas for each venue

Our service allows you to change activity whenever you want and to discover new sports and wellbeing facilities. You can use your Gymlib Pro subscription everywhere in France and Belgium, across our entire network of partner venues. That means you can use it wherever you are: at home or at work, on business trips, and even on holiday!

Quota applicable to all formulas:

  • Create 1 pass per day via the app (a total of 30 or 31 per month)*;
  • Validate 1 pass per day for your chosen venue (1 session per day);
  • 5 sessions per month per venue for most of our venues, with the exception of the facilities listed below.

Reinvent yourself on a daily basis by switching between yoga, fitness classes, football, basketball, golf, swimming, pilates, and much more! 

*To manage your subscription effectively, we recommend that you only create the passes you plan to use as passes cannot be exchanged.

Please note: 

Your quota will be reset to zero each month on the renewal date of your Gymlib Pro subscription.

For example, if you subscribed to Gymlib Pro on the 21st, your quota will automatically be reset to zero on the 21st of the following month. You can find your renewal date in your personal area on the app.

If you are able to create passes for a venue, you have not yet reached your limit for the month: once the quota has been exceeded, you will no longer be able to create passes until your subscription has been renewed.


Unlimited access venues 

Good news! Here are the venues you can visit as many times as you want (once per day):

Venues with different quotas

The quotas indicate the number of visits permitted per month.




Horse riding:


        Fitness classes:

        Futsal/paddle tennis:


        • All golf partners: 2


                          Wellbeing venues:

                          You may attend two wellbeing sessions per month. 

                          Choose from the following venues:

                          Electrostimulation venues:

                          You can do up to 2 sessions of electrostimulation per month inour entire network combined.