I want to sign up to Gymlib Pro

What is it Gymlib Pro ? How can I take advantage of the programme?

What is it Gymlib Pro ?

Buddha or Arnie? David Beckham or Kobe Bryant? Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods? You no longer have to choose just one. Now you can transform yourself into all of them at once, like a true sporting chameleon!

Your company has committed to enhancing your quality of life at work by joining the Gymlib programme: a no-strings subscription which offers access to more than 300 activities at more than 3,000 different sports and wellbeing facilities across France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

How can I take advantage of the programme?

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    • Click on ‘Don't have an account yet? Sign up here’;
    • Select Gymlib Pro;
    • Fill in your details and your work email address, and choose a password*;
    • Confirm your email address via the unique 6-figure code sent to your work email account;
    • Select your preferred formula and pay with your bank card.

    *If you work from a coworking space or you’re using Gymlib Pro through your healthcare mutual, enter your access code. To obtain a code, talk to the contact person appointed at your place of work. Customers with coupons should enter the personal or work email address used to make the purchase.

    How can I explore the network of venues?

    Click on ‘Haven’t decided yet? Explore the network’. You can search by geographical area and/or activity. Under each partner, you’ll find whether the venue belongs to the Standard, Advanced or Premium formula:

    • Standard Formula: access to Standard venues (2,000 venues).
    • Advanced Formula: access to Standard and Advanced venues (2,500 venues).
    • Premium Formula: access to all venues in the network (3,000 venues).

    For more information, please read our onboarding guide.

    You can return to the subscription page by clicking on the main menu then on ‘Sign up to our Pro service’.