I want to use Gymlib’s partner applications

The digital offer of your Gymlib subscription allows you to benefit from premium access to our partner sports and wellness applications.

What are the partner applications?

  • FizzUp is a sports application accessible to everyone to help you move well but also eat well. You can choose the program you want according to your objectives: cardio, weight training, stretching... and also +250 delicious recipes on video. 
  • Mind is an application that gives you access to +350 meditation sessions guided by experts (Martin Aylward, Christophe André, Eline Snel, Fabrice Midal...), to keep your mind calm on a daily basis. You will find sessions for all ages.
  • Foodvisor is a nutrition coaching application that helps you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can scan your food and see all their nutritional information, follow your physical and sports activity to fill your daily intake, discover recipes adapted to your needs and benefit from personalized advice from dieticians to reach your goals.
  • Petit BamBou is the n°1 meditation application in Europe. Discover a catalog of +940 guided meditations, organized by themes to train your mind and regain serenity.
  • Gotta Joga is an application of yoga and meditation classes. Integrate yoga into your daily life to soothe your mind and strengthen your body with classes for all levels.
  • Lifesum is a nutrition coaching application. It allows you to adopt a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet to achieve your goals. On the program: personalized diets, simplified food programs, analysis of your food and various recipes.
  • RunMotion Coach is an application to help you with your running trainings. Discover training scheme's adapted to your level and get your own motivating, digital coach.
  • Daily Yoga is an application of yoga and meditation classes. Benefit from sessions adapted to your level, record your practices to follow your progress, exchange with other yogis and enjoy music tracks to reach a state of serenity.
  • My Mental Energy is an application to optimise your well-being and cognitive efficiency through mental ecology. Concentration, collaboration, energy, emotions, adaptation and decision: 6 key words with which you will fight against mental overload, stress and small everyday problems.

You have access to the premium version of the 9 applications.

How to benefit from it?

  • Go to your Gymlib mobile application;
  • Log in to your account with your professional email ;
  • Click on "Workout at home" on the homepage of your application ;
  • Click on the "Partners" tab then select the application of your choice by clicking on "Go" ;
  • Follow the instructions to access the application.

Good to know :

  • Your access code or link is unique and individual.
  • It allows you to access the premium version of the application for 1 month.
  • The countdown of the access duration will be activated as soon as your code or link is validated.
  • You can find the validity date of your code or link directly from your application.
  • You can cumulate several codes or links from different partner applications.

How do I renew my access?

Once your 1 month access expires, go to your Gymlib application to generate a new code or link by following the initial process above. Your usage information is linked to your account, so it will save your data.


With your digital offer, you can also participate in live and replay classes and workshops.