I want to use my subscription: how can I find a venue, obtain a pass and validate it?

Today’s the day! Everything’s ready. You’ve taken out a Gymlib Pro subscription and bought the most colourful Nike leggings and Under Armour vest to go with it. And yet you're panicking: how does it all work?

1- Where do I go? 

To find a sports venue using the mobile app:

  • Click on the magnifying glass (on the home page or at the bottom of the app);
  • To search: 
        • First field: enter the activity or venue of your choice.
        • Second field: enter the geographic area of your choice (‘Around me’ is listed by default).

Using the filters, you can refine your search by activity, brand, facilities and services.

2- What should I bring? 

As well as your lovely new clothes, you must create a pass every time you visit a venue:

  • Click on the page for the venue selected;
  • Click on ‘Create pass’.

Please note: 

  • 1 pass = 1 ticket.
  • You can create 1 pass per day.
  • A pass is valid for 1 month after it has been created, as long as you remain a subscriber to our service. For example, a pass created on 21st September at 08:00 will be available until 21st October at 08:00.
  • Once a pass has been created, it cannot be cancelled or extended.
  • You can find your pass on the mobile app under the ‘Passes’ tab.
  • The pass will allow you to use all of the services provided at the venue (unless the venue page states otherwise).

3- How do I sign up and confirm my attendance?

Open access venues (not subject to prior booking):


Go straight to the venue with your pass. You’ll validate your pass directly via GPS.

For more information, please read I want to validate my pass (via GPS).

Venues subject to prior booking: 

Booking information is listed on the venue page. 

3 options: 

  • Via email or telephone: indicate the date and time of the class you wish to attend.
  • Via credit: 
        • Create an account on the website for the venue;
        • Send an email to the venue with your pass number to add 1 credit to your account (not available for Dynamo, Swedish Fit or Fizix Live. See our article I want to book a Dynamo/Swedish Fit/Fizix Live session);
        • Select the session on the venue website.
  • Via the Gymlib mobile app. To find out more, please read our article: I want to book a session.