I want to validate my pass (via GPS)

Open access venues (not subject to prior booking): 

For all open access venues, you must validate your pass via GPS.


  • Create your pass on the relevant venue page;
  • Once you have arrived at the venue, click on your pass and then click ‘Validate my session’.
  • Show your validation to the reception staff and enjoy your session! If necessary, the venue may ask you for your pass number as confirmation (the number will appear after validating your pass).

Please note: 

Don’t panic, we mentioned GPS but we have no intention of tracking your every move! You can activate your GPS for just long enough to validate your pass. We don’t store the information.

Venues subject to prior booking: 

Your pass will be validated as soon as your session is booked.

Warning! If something comes up and you're unable to make it to your session, please read our article I want to cancel a session. What’s the cancellation fee?