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What is the intercompany challenge Gymlib Heroes? How can I participate? What can I win?

What is the intercompany challenge Gymlib Heroes?

#GymlibHeroes is a company about sports and wellbeing which is making use of the application United Heroes to keep you motivated to get back in shape after a long period of lockdown, to take care of yourself and to reinforce the link with your colleagues, even from a distance. From June 1 until June 30, different teams from different companies will challenge each other and try to gain as much points as possible in order to gain the number one spot in the ranking and take away the corresponding prices…! 

What you need to know:

  • Every company which participates has a team of its own. All employees from one company represent the team of that company.
  • Every employee can gain “health points” by participating in different challenges or by registering different activities in the United Heroes app (jogging, yoga, cycling, meditation, etc.).
  • Every week you can participate in four different challenges. You’ll find those challenges in the tab “Challenges” of the United Heroes app.
  • Every day at 8:30 and 19:00, United Heroes offers you live group classes through their YouTube channel Sport Heroes. You can also watch the replay.
  • Your activitites are automatically being registered in the app through the pedometer of your phone or any other connected sport apps. You also have the possibility to register activities manually (you can only register one activity a day maximum to avoid cheating).
  • There will be both an individual as a team ranking which you can follow in real-life in the United Heroes app. The ranking of the teams is based on the average of every individual, to outbalance the difference between big companies and smaller companies.
  • Every week, the participants will receive the ranking.

How can I participate ?

  • Download the United Heroes app on Google Play or App Store or visit the website United Heroes ;
  • Click on "Create my account" or "Subscribe" on the website; 
  • During your subscription, enter the code to get connected ;
  • Fill out your professional email address and your personal data; 
  • Join the team of your company, and beat everyone!

You’ll find all useful info on how to subscribe and how to use the app in our user guide.

What can I win?

Individual challenges: 

  • Top 5 of every team : a Gymlib Premium subscription for free during one month
  • Top 3 of every team : one article of your choice from the Gymlib boutique.

Team challenges:

  • 1st place : a live group class + a webinar with a health expert of your choice
  • 2nd place : a webinar with a health expert of your choice
  • 3thd place : a live group class of your choice


Haven’t found all the info you needed? Or are you encountering a problem with the United Heroes app?  We recommand you to consult the following page: https://help.sportheroes.com/hc/en-gb

Good luck!