I want to get my Foodvisor account

What is Foodvisor? How do I sign up for Foodvisor? How do I renew my Foodvisor account?

What is Foodvisor?

Foodvisor is a nutrition coaching app. You can scan your meals and discover their nutritional information in just a few seconds. Not only does Foodvisor allow you to match your physical and sports activities with your daily tracking system, you can also get personal advice from dieticians and food specialists to reach your goals. Foodvisor is here to help you eat better and adopt an ever healthier lifestyle! 

During the entire break of your Gymlib subscription, Gymlib offers you a Foodvisor premium subscription, with the possibility of an extension depending on the evolution of the measures taken by the government in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). (Public rate: €9.99/month)

How do I sign up for Foodvisor?

  • Go to the Gymlib website ;
  • Log in to your Gymlib account with your professional email (if you are already automatically logged in, go to the next step) ;
  • Click on "Generate my Foodvisor link" on the pink button below ;
  • Your unique and personal access link will appear directly on this page and will also be sent to you by email;
  • Click on the unique link that will be assigned to you, the following steps will be explained to you on the Foodvisor page
  • Make the most out of your nutrition coaching with Foodvisor Premium 

The app is available in French and English.

As soon as you have activated your link, the countdown of the duration of the subscription will be start.

If you encounter a problem, please contact support@foodvisor.io.

How do I renew my Foodvisor account?

If you already have a Foodvisor premium account and your unique access link is about to expire, go to the Gymlib website to generate a new link by following the initial process above.

Your user information is linked to your account, so you will retain your data.


Enjoy your nutrition coaching with Foodvisor! Feel free to share your experience with us on social media by using #gymlibhome .