I want to refer a friend or colleague

Encourage others to get involved !

You can refer as many colleagues as you wish (if your company has registered for the referral scheme) and up to 2 friends or relatives of your choice.

For every confirmed referral:

  • Referrer: - €5 off your next invoice.
  • New customer (referred colleagues and friends): - €5 off their first invoice. 

To participate in the referral scheme*:

  • You must be signed up to the Gymlib Pro service.
  • A referred customer will only receive the €5 discount once. 
  • A referred friend cannot refer others. 

Warning: multiple accounts created for a single client with the aim of accumulating discounts through the referral scheme will result in the immediate cancellation of the subscriptions of both referrer and friend.

* Not available to coupon users.


Your referred colleagues will gain access to the prices negotiated with your company.

Your referred friends will receive discounted prices.

How to invite your friends and colleagues:

  • Go to your personal space on the app;
  • Click on Referrals;
  • Select whether the person you wish to refer is a colleague or a friend*
  • Enter their name, surname and email address**;
  • Confirm the information. Your friend will receive an invitation by email.

IMG_2347 IMG_2348

* If the friends tab does not appear, you are not eligible to refer friends or you belong to a coworking space/incubator. In the latter case, see the frequently asked questions below.

**In the case of a colleague, enter their work email address in lower case letters.

Your friend will have to:

  • Create an account on the Gymlib app;
      • Colleagues should click on Gymlib Pro.
      • Friends should click on Gymlib Pro Friends.
  • Select their chosen formula and proceed to payment.

Frequently asked questions:

1- My friend hasn’t received my invitation by email:

Please wait for several minutes after submitting the form for your friend to receive the email. Some messaging services take longer than others: please be patient if the message takes several minutes or hours to arrive.

While you wait, you might want to check: 

  • Have you entered the email address correctly? Is it all in lower case letters?
  • Has your friend checked their spam folder?
  • Have you filled in the form correctly? 

2- I haven’t received the discount

Referrers: the €5 discount will only apply if your friend subscribes to Gymlib Pro. If they subscribe, €5 will be discounted from your next invoice.

Friends: when you sign up to the service, a €5 discount will be applied to your first monthly payment. If this discount has not been applied, please contact us indicating your email address and that of your friend.

3- I’m unable to sign up using my referrer’s invitation

You might see one of two error messages: 

  • ‘Email address not recognised’. The referral was not correctly registered by your referrer. Either the form was incomplete or the email provided wasn’t the same as the one you used to sign up. Make sure you’ve given your referrer the correct email address.
  • ‘An account for this email address already exists’. You have already signed up or subscribed to Gymlib as a friend or employee of another company, or as a user of the General Public service using the same email address. You will have to reset the existing account in order to sign up to the new Gymlib Pro Friends account. Please contact us.

4- You belong to a coworking space/incubator and you’d like to refer two friends

Your referrals tab only displays the option to refer colleagues. 

If you wish to refer two friends, you will have to do so via the colleague referral system. When they sign up, they must select Gymlib Pro and enter your access code.