I want to get my FizzUp account

What is FizzUp? How do I sign up for FizzUp? How do I renew my FizzUp account?

What is FizzUp?

FizzUp is a sports and fitness program accessible to everyone. Depending on your goals, you will find the program you need: cardio, weight training, abs, stretching, sports challenges ... and also more than 250 delicious recipes caught on video. FizzUp helps you to stay in shape and eat healthy!

During the confinement period, Gymlib offers you a premium FizzUp subscription for free, with the possibility of extension depending on the evolution of the measures taken by the government in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). (Public rate: approximately €15/month)

Be advised, the courses are in English and French only. However, the instructions and the classes are easy to follow, so language normally is not an obstacle.

How do I sign up for FizzUp?

  • Go to the Gymlib website ;
  • Log in to your Gymlib account with your professional email ;
  • Click on "Generate my FizzUp code" at the bottom of the page ;
  • Your code will appear directly on the same page and will also be sent to you by email;
  • Go to the FizzUp website ;
  • Create your account or log in if you already have a FizzUp account ;
  • On the menu at the top right, click on "My account", "Manage my account" ;
  • Click on "Activate a gift code" and enter your code to validate your subscription ;
  • Make the most out of your sports sessions!

NB: a "1 year subscription" page will open. You can close this page, your FizzUp Premium subscription is now activated.

The countdown of the subscription duration will be activated as soon as you validate your code.

How do I renew my FizzUp account?

If you already have a FizzUp account and your access code is about to expire, log in to your space and generate a new code by following the initial process above.

Your user information is linked to your account, so you will keep your data.


Enjoy your sports sessions with FizzUp! Feel free to share your sessions with us on social networks by adding #gymlibhome.