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I sign up and/or subscribe to Gymlib
I sign up and/or subscribe to Gymlib

What is Gymlib? How do I sign up and/or subscribe? How do I choose my formula?

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What is Gymlib?

Thanks to your company, you can use a Gymlib subscription that gives access to up to +300 sports and wellness activities online, in halls and in more than 4000 infrastructures throughout France and Belgium.

But not only for them! Also use a digital offer to stay in shape wherever and whenever you want.

How do I sign up and/or subscribe?

  1. Download the Gymlib mobile application;

  2. Click on "Let's go!", fill out your profile for a personalized experience;

  3. Fill in all details, including your professional email address;

  4. Confirm your account by clicking on the link you receive in your mailbox. You have been subscribed successfully and you can enjoy the digital offer immediately and discover the network!

  5. Click on "Subscribe to Gymlib" on the home page of your application;

  6. Choose the formula of your choice and proceed to payment (bank card or SEPA direct debit or Bancontact in Belgium).

Find the session of your dreams and benefit from your subscription !

How do I choose my formula?

Choose from 5 formulas that you can use right away on your Gymlib app: Easy, Liberty, Energy, Crazy and Rocky. Depending on the chosen formula, you will see a virtual balance with the number of credits, also called pulses.

Each session with one of our partners costs a certain number of pulses.

Example: you choose the Energy formula and have 80 pulses per month. You decide to do 1 fitness session at Keep Cool in Paris at 10 pulses. When you generate your access, the number of pulses is immediately deducted from your balance: 80 - 10 = so you have 70 pulses remaining for the rest of your subscription month.

When choosing your formula, you can click on “View the network of partners” to discover the infrastructures. With the first formula you already have access to 95% of our partner network and the digital offer is unlimited for all formulas (you can access it for free via your Gymlib account, without taking out a subscription). Go to this page (or this page if your are in Belgium) to get a first idea.

Do you have any pulses left at the end of the month? Your pulses can be carried over from one month to another, within the pulse count limit of your formula. If you don't have enough pulses you can buy extra pulses. Or, otherwise, change the formula whenever you want!

After choosing your plan, go to your personal space (top left) to add your profile picture. The photo is mandatory to book a session and must meet the following requirements: front of the face, without other people, be clear and light enough, without sunglasses.

Good to know:

  • Your Gymlib subscription is strictly personal. It cannot be shared or paired with two phones at the same time (for example, a private phone and a company phone).

  • You can manage all this directly from your Gymlib application.

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