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I buy extra pulses
I buy extra pulses

How can I buy extra pulses?

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How can I buy extra pulses?

Do you have energy left but not enough pulses? Buy extra pulses at any time, without changing the trap formula!

  • Go to the Gymlib mobile app and log in to your account;

  • Go to your personal space via the Gymlib mobile app (top right) and click on "My Balance";

  • Choose a pulse package and then click on "Buy". A confirmation message will appear and you will receive an email. The new pulses are immediately added to your balance and you can use them immediately. They are non-refundable.

You can also buy extra pulses by clicking on your balance in the application: top right when you are looking for an infrastructure, top right on the infrastructure chip or on the button “insufficient balance” if you want to book a session and do not have enough pulses .

Are you often short of pulses? Change formula at any time!

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