All about session validation

How do I validate my session?

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All about session validation

At each session, your presence must be validated (except for online sessions). There are two possibilities:

  • Your presence is automatically validated thanks to the partner infrastructure

  • It's up to you to validate your presence at the session thanks to geolocation

How do I know who should validate the session?

You can find out if your presence is automatically validated by the partner or not by going to the "My sessions" tab in your Gymlib application (3rd tab at the bottom).

How do I validate my presence?

When you arrive at your session, go to the "My sessions" tab in your Gymlib application (3rd tab down)

  • Go to the "My Sessions" tab of your Gymlib application (bottom right)

  • Select the session you want to validate and then click on "Validate my presence"

  • Present your confirmation at the infrastructure reception

Good to know:

If you do not show up for your session, you will be considered absent and a penalty of 5€ will be applied.

  • If you cancel your session within the time limit required by the partner infrastructure, you will get your pulses used for this booking back and you will not be charged any penalty.

  • If you cancel your session outside of the timeframe required by the partner facility, you will not be penalized and you will not get your pulses back for that booking.

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