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I participate in my company's walking challenge
I participate in my company's walking challenge

How to participate in the walking challenge of my company?

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Whether you are a seasoned or a Sunday athlete, walking is a physical activity accessible to all and it has many virtues. This is why, for 4 weeks, your company challenges you to take as many steps as possible with your team. Challenge your colleagues and try to reach the first step of the podium! 😉

How to participate in the walking challenge?

You do not need to be a Gymlib subscriber to participate in the challenge.

  1. Open or download the Gymlib mobile application;

  2. Log into your account or register for free;

  3. On the home page, click on the “Challenges” tab (4th down) then on “Join the challenge”;

  4. Form a team of 10 people maximum (4 minimum recommended) or join one;

  5. Authorize Gymlib to connect to the health application on your phone (Google Fit or Apple Health);

  6. Take as many steps as possible and synchronize them to accumulate points by clicking on “Add my steps” at the end of the day or Sunday evening at the latest.

You can form or join a team the week before the start of the challenge. Take advantage of this week 0 to connect Gymlib to the health application on your phone and take a few steps to familiarize yourself with the challenge!

You will find two other tabs in your “Challenges” area: “In progress” (for the current challenge) and “Completed” (for past challenges). Ideal to compare your performance between several challenges and challenge yourself even more. Keep your place or take your revenge!

When you click on a challenge, find the members of your team, your accumulated points, the challenge of the current week and your steps in the “My team” tab and the ranking of the teams and their number of points in the "Ranking" tab.

How to earn points?

Let your team spirit make you shine! Once you connect the Gymlib app to your health app, you will see the number of steps you have taken and you can add them to your team's counter. Walk or run, the choice is yours! Your steps will be converted into points for your team (and not individually).

  • The points are calculated according to the following rule: 10 steps x the number of people in the team = 1 point. In this manner the challenge is fair and the teams counting the most people are not advantaged. Example: for a team of 5 people, 50 steps = 1 point; for a team of 8 people: 80 steps = 1 point. A team of 5 trained walkers can therefore have more points than a team of 8 occasional walkers.

  • To spice up the challenge, we introduced a bonus challenge you can complete each week. When the challenge is reached, your team earns additional points. The difficulty of the challenges increases over the weeks. At the end of each week, you know whether you won the challenge of the week or not.

When your team earns points, they'll be kept until the end of the challenge. However, the calculation of points may change depending on the challenges achieved and the number of people in a team. Teams can evolve throughout the challenge. For example, you can go from a team of 5 to 8 participants and vice versa.

How to add your steps?

In your challenge tab, remember to add your steps manually, every day or Sunday evening at the latest, by clicking on “Add my steps”. Your step counter is reset to 0 every week, on Monday at 0:00 If you forget to add your steps during the week or on Sunday evening at the latest, they will be lost.

But no panic! You receive a notification every Sunday evening to remind you to synchronize your steps. To activate your notifications, click on your profile (top left) then on “Notifications” and then on activate “Challenge notifications”.

I have a connected watch: how does it work?

Connect your watch to Google Fit or Apple Health. You can then add the steps from your watch to the health application on your phone and then to Gymlib. To synchronize your watch with your health application and Gymlib, please follow the next procedure:

  1. Synchronize the steps of your watch with the health application linked to your phone; Your health application retrieves all your steps, the dates on which they were taken and sorts them according to their origin (watch, phone, others).

  2. Open your Gymlib mobile application so that all the steps taken since your last step addition are synchronized and add them to your team.

The number of steps indicated on the Gymlib application does not correspond to those on your connected watch? You might have added your steps in the Gymlib application before synchronizing your watch with the health application on your phone. The steps on your watch are dated before your last addition of steps on the Gymlib application and can therefore no longer be taken into account. To avoid this problem, please follow the above procedure.

I have several Google accounts: what should I do?

For the synchronization of your steps between Gymlib and Google Fit to work correctly, use the Google account linked to your Google Fit account. To verify or change your Google account:

  1. Go to your Google Fit app;

  2. See which of your Google accounts are being used;

  3. Click on “Profile”, “Settings” then go to “Manage connected applications”;

  4. Check that Gymlib is in the list of connected applications, via the same account used for Google Fit. If this is not the case, click on “Gymlib”, then on “Unlink” then add the correct account;

  5. Return to Gymlib to link the correct Google account.

Good to know:

  • Gymlib only collects your step count via your phone's health app and has no access to the rest of your information (heart rate, measurements, nutrition...).

  • You can form your own team or join an existing one at any time during the challenge. You can see the members of already existing teams before joining one.

  • You can change teams at any time. Your initial team will keep the points you have accumulated. To do this, click on the 3 small dots at the top right.

  • You cannot change the name of a team. To change it you have to form a new team and delete the old one. To do so, all members must leave the team.

  • You can quit the challenge at any time. Your team will keep the points you have accumulated. To do this, click on the 3 small dots at the top right.

Ready to put on your most comfortable shoes and push yourself beyond? 🏆

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