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What happens to my Gymlib subscription if I leave my company?

Updated over a week ago

What happens to my Gymlib subscription if I leave my company?

You benefit from Gymlib's offer thanks to your company. If you leave your company, you will unfortunately no longer be able to benefit from it.

Please unsubscribe before your business email address is inactive. Use your remaining pulses before your renewal date. You will receive an email to confirm you unsubscribed. After you unsubscribe, the unused pulses on the renewal date of your subscription are lost. These are not refundable.

If you do not follow the above process you may still be subscribed and charged for a service that you can no longer use.

Does your new company have Gymlib?

This is the best news of the day! Sign out and then create a new account with your new business address.

Important: If you still have unused pulses with your old subscription, you cannot get them back on your new subscription.

Does your new company not (yet) have Gymlib?

Let's work together to set up Gymlib in your new company! Discover our ambassador program. We are at your disposal to tell you more.

Continue the Gymlib experience with the gateway program

Do you know the gateway program? It allows you to:

  • Extend the Gymlib experience for 3 months

  • Get you a refund of one month's pulses* (in proportion to your remaining pulses)

To take advantage of this service, you need to register before the end of your current subscription. To do, go to your application and fill in the form with your personal email address.

Once your subscription has ended, you'll receive a pro-rata refund for the remaining pulses on your previous invoice. You'll be able then, to subscribe again by selecting the subscription plan that suits you best.

*This is a financial refund. Any unused pulses (up to a maximum of one month's worth of pulses) are refunded to you. For example, you're subscribe to the Energy subscripition plan with 80 pulses. At the end of the month, you have 110 pulses left (more than a month's worth). So, we'll refund the 80 pulses on your last invoice.

Please note that, if you have benefited from a special promotion, this will be taken into account in the prorata. If your subscription was fully financed by your former company (and was therefore free for you), you will not be reimbursed.

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